GREENWORLD International Information Technology Services

A full-service web development Agency based in Cochin, India. The Company was started in 2019 with a mission to create modern web & mobile applications that create value for the customers as well as their users. Since its inception, the Company has completed over 20+ projects and worked with Clients in 27+ Countries across the Globe. team is obsessed with Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Affordability & Usability. We take the effort to understand what exactly a client requires and provide them with the most efficient approach to solve their problems. We believe in long-term relationships and good-will with all our partners and associates


The mission “GO GREEN, BUILD DREAMS,BE GLOBAL 2K25” begin.
We have embarked on our journey to develop our GREEN Concept Products and Services purely bred out of technology domains over a three-year period to deliver products and services that serve goodness for the betterment of society and hence the name, Green!


Be the Future World to be” GREENWORLD International is a socially committed conglomerate consisting of varies green remedies for a better tomorrow. The company puts forward its agenda of both virtual and visible supermarket for all green concept technology products & services in a single platform. We believe in providing various sustainable solutions for the well-being of our future generation with the help of advanced green solutions.